Name: Daniel Pedrosa
Birthplace: Sabadell, Spain
Birthdate: 29 September 1985
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Siblings: Eric
Residence: London
Hobbies: bicycle riding, motocross, computer games
Favorite rider: Mick Doohan

Dani Pedrosa was born on Sabadell, Barcelona. His first motorbike was a motocross Italjet 50, with sidewheels, when he was 4 years old. On a very early age of six, he began racing on minibikes.

But his racing carreer began when he was 10. He entered the Spanish Minibike Championship and finished second in overall championship. It only took him 3 years to finally got the title in 1998. Fortunately, his family heard that the Movistar Activa Cup, a promotion cup with competition
bikes, was being organised. In 1999, Dani Pedrosa rode racing bikes for the first time. He was not
only nervous; the bike was so high that his feet didn’t reach the

Despite everything, 13-year-old Pedrosa passed the trials and took part in the Movistar Activa Cup that year finishing on impressive eighth position. His abilities came to Alberto Puig’s attention, who decided to include him among the chosen, with Joan Olivé and Raúl Jara in his team.

In 2000, he took part in the Spanish Championship with the Movistar Junior Team. He only finished four of the six races, but he took four poles, finishing fourth overall. Then Alberto Puig broke the news, told him that he was going to take part in the 125cc Motorcycle World Championship.

Pedrosa, who was already 14 couldn’t believe it; his dream was coming true. In the first race held in Suzuka, he was among the last riders of the grid and he had never seen so many riders racing together and especially in such  competitive class. He still remembers that he got scared in the first corner, something that never happened again

2001 was a learning year for Dani Pedrosa, but even though he managed to take two podiums finishes, a third place in Valencia and another in Motegi. He finished eighth overall in the Championship.

On his second year in 125 cc class, he managed to be serious threat for Poggiali and Vincent as a title candidate. Dani finished third in the rider championship. His moment finally came in 2003 when he got five victories and six podium. Dani had the 250 cc world champion title after Malaysian grand prix, with two races left. Unfortunately, he broke both of his ankles on practice session of Australian GP.

In 2004, he debuted in 250 cc class. Despite a lot of doubts about his recovery and his ability to adapt on the new class, he managed to impress many people. Dani won his first 250 cc race in South Africa and won another six races. He was very consistent, the only race he didn’t finish was Jerez when he crashed during heavy rain. He became 250cc World Champion in Australia, in his rookie season in the class, at the age of 19, the youngest in history, fifteen years after Sito Pons.

The 2005 season was more difficult for Dani as he got serious title threats from both Dovizioso and Casey Stoner. Despite everything, he secured the world champion title with two races left.

The three-times world champion finally promoted to MotoGP class in 2006. Many people doubt him because of his physical stats. He has to ride a bike three-times his weight. The hard physical preparation carried out during the winter an a consistent progression during the preseason tests were the prelude to the extraordinary debut in the class, becoming Rookie of the Year thanks to his two victories, six podium finishes and the fifth overall place in the championship. He even managed to become a threat to his teammate Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi for the world champion title.

Dani Pedrosa is now residing in London. Among his hobbies are bicycle riding, something he still enjoys a lot, as well as supermotard, motocross or trial. Outside the world of sports he enjoys going to the movies or spending time with friends. Sometimes he joins them at the disco, but he prefers to amuse himself playing computer games, because, as Dani says those with motorbikes and cars are very realistic, the behaviour of the bike is very similar to that of a real one. A curious

fact: Dani learned the circuits on which he races now by heart watching
videotapes of 500cc races with Rainey or Lawson. However, his favourite rider has always been Mick Doohan.


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